Monday, 26 March 2012 12:31

Bryce Lawrence axed from the IRB Referees Panel

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Thanks to the efforts of people like Marky Warren from, referees like Bryce Lawrence don't have a place in International Rugby anymore. The Bryce Lawrence Petition Page he started now has over 83 000 likes.  Quoted from his website:

Great News! Bryce Lawrence has been axed from the IRB Referees Panel and Paddy O'Brien steps down to take over similar role with IRB Rugby 7's

So basically what's the deal with all this?

As part of an ongoing review, the IRB has appointed a committee that will oversee referee selections based on merit and performance.


The committee, which includes former elite referees Lyndon Bray, Tappe Henning (both SANZAR), Donal Courtney and Clayton Thomas (both Six Nations), will meet four times a year to discuss referee selections for the forthcoming international window in the lead up to Rugby World Cup 2015. To be honest, I welcome this with open arms and think its a brilliant idea that is brilliant for Rugby. Finally referees will be under a strict selection process which will be based on performance just like players, so that only the best referees will be reffing the big games. I guess the whole aim of this is that come Rugby World Cup 2015, the referee panel will be the best of best, kinda like the Top Gun of Rugby Referees, so that we hopefully won't have a repeat of the dog show that we saw over the last Rugby World Cup. I'm glad that the IRB have listened to the calls of their supporters and made a good effort to have a stricter selection process in place with regards to Refs, well done chaps.

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