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Racist Woolworths SA defiant

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The folks at Woolworths SA have been trying to cover their tracks after they were caught out for not wanting to hire any white staff.

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Justin Harrison, an internet marketing guru started blogging about the clothes and food chain's advertising excluding whites last week and now they seem to have started changing the wording of their recruitment adverts.

Justin broke the story on social networks when Woolworths SA posted ads on their career site. It said their jobs were only open to African, Coloured and Indian candidates.

He says that as a post apartheid child, he is "neither politically motivated or inspired, however the increasing blatant racist economic policies that are very clearly exclusive of whites is starting to require a voice and some decisive action".

He feels the whites who are still in South Africa stayed and signed up for a fully inclusive country, and just want to get on with it and build a South Africa that works for everyone.

We know that Woolies is not alone in these policies as we have already written on this site about our flying circus - SAA - that excludes whites from its cadet pilot training programme.

Since Justin started his online Woolworths SA have changing the advert text to be politically correct. It now says "In accordance with Woolworths' Employment Equity approach, preference will be given to candidates from designated groups".

But they are scared old fools. They have since barred poor old Justin from leaving any messages on their Facebook Page. They have off course not barred us. We can also stop buying their lousy stuff.

Read these interesting lines from Justin's blog:
"I have also noticed that since I posted my update on Twitter yesterday (Saturday 01 September) showing how they changed the ads in a bid to cover up the blatant racist ads, they have as of today (Sunday 02 September 2012) since not only reverted some of the ads back to the original text, but have now added additional wording to state: In accordance with our Marketing EE Requirements, this role is designated for African Black candidates" (see image to the left).

Woolworths is clearly in a spin over how to deal with this issue and they would do well to learn from SAA's mistake. Issue a public apology and revert the hiring policies to be fully inclusive and based purely on experience and ability.

I think it's high time that in 2012 businesses stop cowering to the ANC lead government and realize it is their customers that keep the lights on, not government or government policy. If South African businesses continue to marginalize any sector of the population, black, white, colored or Indian they face the wrath of public led justice and we will see these companies economically crippled.

Woolworths South Africa, you have been warned! Do the right thing!"

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