Is this face brush really the skincare hack that changes everything?

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We live in a world where we are taught to be suspicious of ‘miracle wands’ in skincare that cost the earth and do nothing, so when we decided to try the LUNA mini 2, we did so with an open mind.

It is beautifully designed – and Swedish – and we all know that people from Sweden tend to look like elves or supermodels… They must be doing something right.

What’s the face brush all about?

Can an “anytime, anywhere” facial cleansing brush such as the LUNA mini 2 genuinely change the face of skincare?

Remember when your paternal grandmother would walk around your house touching the surfaces to determine the amount of dust on your mother’s mantelpiece? We attempted something similar with our skin and used a cotton wool pad to determine how clean our skin was after using the LUNA mini 2.

And it did the trick. It was mild and left no harsh abrasions or unsightly red splotches. Even used in conjunction with an affordable over-the-counter face wash, it worked like a charm.

What it does

The LUNA mini 2 is for a “deep and effective cleansing”. The T-Sonic technology and soft silicone are gentler than nylon bristled brushes that either spin or vibrate, using pulsations to dislodge impurities in the pores.

The Mini 2 gets into all the nooks and crannies allowing one to target those build-up areas around the nose and chin. The silicone nub heads on the three-zone brush head are nonporous to prevent bacteria build-up and are so soft to the touch.

Eight settings mean this small but powerful face brush can be customised to the user’s liking, going for a deeper clean on a normal day or a gentler one after a day in the sun.

Skincare results

It has been rumoured to “just take off everything!” Our cotton wool pad test confirmed exactly that – the LUNA mini facial cleansing brush leaves your face completely clean.

At 300 uses per charge – that’s roughly five months worth of cleaning – it may be possible to achieve that Swedish supermodel look after all. We’ll keep you posted.

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