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That is what the themed slot machines are and especially sports themed slots.

The themed slot helps to focus the machine in numerous ways, is instrumental in what they will look like and will target a certain audience, unlike the older fruit slots games. The theme will also determine the music and icons, in fact the whole design will be based about that particular sport.

It’s really no surprise that sports of all genres are used to make slots more entertaining, after all we are a nation of sports lovers, and that is why slots have proven to be one of the most popular ways to place a wager online.

Over the last decade or so we have enjoyed great advances in technology and a faster, more reliable Wi-Fi service. The days are long gone where it was impossible to play online using a mobile device without games crashing halfway through, and to be honest the games were so poor in quality they really did not provide any real entertainment.

Now we can enjoy online slots sites like fruityking.co.uk in HD with games that not only offer great sports themes, but also give you a chance of winning some fantastic cash prizes. Sots are one of the casino games that can be played on your computer or your mobile device with an equal entertainment factor as they work just as smoothly on either platform.

This means that you can now play your favourite sports-themed slots whenever and wherever you choose, and enjoy those bonus features anytime you want.

What to Expect

Ok then top quality sites like FruityKing will offer free games or demo games where you can test drive any of the themed slots on offer. This is necessary for new players to try something different before committing any of their own money, and if a site doesn’t offer any free games then avoid it like the plague.

For Car Racing Fans

For those who are into their cars and are fans of the Need for Speed video game you could try the slots Drive. Focusing right on that rush that players experience when in a chase scenario Drive delivers the whole package of great music, visuals, money and gameplay.

  • 5 reel and 15 paylines
  • Betting range of 0.01-0.50
  • Max bet is 75 credits
  • Jackpot
  • Bonus games
  • Free Spins
  • Multipliers
  • Scatters and Wilds

For Football Fans

Fans of the beautiful game could do far worse than play Football Champions Cup. The sleek design of this slots game is a complete pleasure as is the game play.

  • 5 Reels – 20 paylines
  • 2 bonus features
  • Multipliers
  • Free Spins
  • Jackpot
  • Cash prize up to 500x your stake (on top of your winnings)

For Boxing Fans

Having the right combination of strength and awareness plus a technique that is second to none has drawn fans to watch some memorable fights between iconic fighters, we all have our personal favourites, and now Fistcuffs touch takes your passion for boxing to a virtual level. Withit retro graphics and roar of the crowd Fistcuffs brings the old time boxing right back to your screens.

  • 5 Reels – 10 paylines
  • Coins range 0.01 to 1.00
  • Jackpot
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus
  • Min Bet 0.20
  • Max Bet 200
  • Wilds and sticky wilds

Above are just three sports themed slots as examples of what to expect, but of course there are many more that cover a huge range of sports, check them out for you never know, it could be your lucky day.


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