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‘n Amerikaanse toeris doen white water rafting op die oranje rivier met Gatiep as sy toergids

Die toeris vra: “Do you know psychology, methodology or geology”

Gatiep sê: “Nei my broer! I don’t know any of those big words”

Toeris: “you sure don’t know anything my friend”

Skielik stamp die boot ‘n rots en kry ‘n lekkasie en begin om te sink!

Gatiep vra: “Do you know swimology or escapology away from the crocodology!!!”

Toeris: “What the hell do you mean”

Gatiep: ” Well today you are going to see your poepology just before you versuipology and then vrekology”????

Dankie Louie Barnard


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