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Confidence, imagination and humility; these are three of the key attributes that will attract success into your life and help you to make the most out of it. If you believe in yourself and your endeavours, then you’re already one step ahead when it comes to making others believe in you. Being able to visualize future success moves you closer toward realizing it and helps others to put their faith in your vision. Appreciating the success of others and recognizing your real place in the world keeps you levelheaded with your feet firmly on the ground while you pursue those heady dreams. It takes a lot to be successful, but the journey there might be simpler than you first think.

The modern world of work sets you up well for hard work, dedication and commitment. While these qualities are vital if you want to go far, there are other equally essential factors that sometimes fall by the wayside. It is these hidden strengths that are the focus of this article and hopefully, represent a helping hand to support you in achieving your goals.

>>>>> Cappuccino in the Making by Jakub Kapusnak, CC0
Caption: Don’t rely on spilled coffee.

In Greece, it’s thought that if somebody spills your coffee before you can take a sip, good fortune in finances won’t be far behind. However, you might not want to rely on that happening and instead, take matters into your hands. By taking positive action toward realizing your objectives and creating opportunities for yourself rather than waiting for them to come along independently, you are taking matters into your hands. Such gives you more control over your progress and teaches you that you can rely on yourself to get the job done. It’s a critical lesson to remember later on, once you have started to achieve some measure of success.

An excellent example of a successful entrepreneurship is the story of app-based delivery company Sendr. Created by South African Neo Lekgabo, what started off as two bicycles and an idea has progressed to a 100-strong fleet of drivers covering the areas of Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria. Lekgabo identified a gap in the market where businesses needed fast, reliable couriers to deliver documents and small packages, and decided he could fill it. Sendr’s success is down to a combination of a simple, accessible business model, demand for the service and Lekgabo’s self-belief that he could make this venture work. He started off small but quickly progressed due to well-placed confidence and the ability to put his imagination into practice.

Doing his job by Maarten van den Heuvel, CC0
Caption: Just another day for a courier who delivers parcels.

Another case study of the self-made success story is the joint founders of the mobile recruitment agency Giraffe. Anish Shivdasani and Shafin Anwarsha saw an extensive problem across South Africa: a lack of easy communication between job seekers and employers. They decided to rectify this with a simplified online recruitment method. Their goal was to streamline the recruitment process for skilled workers, matching employers with high volumes of the appropriate workforce, and connecting job seekers with potential employers. Anwarsha describes himself as a dreamer and yet he and Shivdasani also had the humility to see where their talents could be best applied. They then had the confidence to move it forward and quickly began reaping the rewards.

When starting out, it can be difficult to have self-confidence in a business venture. However, taking that first step and putting your ideas down on paper can go a long way. Confidence is a cumulative attribute and one that grows exponentially the more that you put yourself out there. So, remember, if you can dream the idea, then you can build the confidence to realize it — but don’t forget your humble beginnings and make sure to give back to those that helped you on the way up.


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