Beef and Game Biltong Recipe

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Stefaans Blaauw is from Windhoek Namibia and is well known in South Africa for his AWESOME biltong. We asked Stephan Blaauw: What tipe of meat do you use? My own taste… First Topside, then Rump, and then Silverside. This is how we made Biltong for generations and still is the number one recipe! Hope you’ll enjoy this recipe.


For every 1kg meat – mix the following spices:

  • 18 grams salt
  • 2 grams black pepper
  • 1 gram brown sugar
  • 4 grams coarse coriander
  • Worcestershire sauce


  1. Sprinkle meat with spice mix and Worcestershire sauce alternatively. Use the Worcestershire sauce sparingly.
  2. Let it rest for 12 hours and mix well again.
  3. Let it rest for another 12 hours and hang in well ventilated room or in front of the fan, or in a Biltong Cabinet WITHOUT WARM AIR!


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