Ford Focus & Fiesta will live on in SA despite getting the cut in US

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FORD (short for ‘Found On Rubbish Dump’?) will stop the production of its Ford Focus in America this month and the Ford Fiesta next year – but not in South Africa because Saffas seem to love their Fords. 

Ford motor company told their Focus and Fiesta are performing so well with the Rainbow Nation that it will get another lease of life in South Africa.

According to reports, the reason for the models being dropped in the US is declining consumer demand and product profitability. This was attributed to an increase in ride-sharing services, and apps like Uber, and the increase in popularity of SUVs.

In South Africa, however, the Focus (pictured) and Fiesta continue to do well. Ford South Africa said the announcement in North America will not affect the South African product line-up.

“We are launching the new Fiesta in two weeks’ time, and the Focus at the end of the year. Both models continue to do well in our local line-up,” said the company.

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