How South Africans Use Their Mobile Phones

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There’s no doubt about it, South Africans love their mobile phones with reports showing that mobile data usage and smartphone adoption are on the rise within South Africa, with 35% of South Africans preferring to access their social media sites using their mobile browser. Of those surveyed a third of the internet users believe that a mobile browser offers far more privacy features than using a stand-alone app.

In fact, almost half of those surveyed use their mobile phones to access social media sites with Facebook being accessed by half a million South Africans using their web browser mainly because of the recent privacy concerns that have been associated with the platform.

Other social media sites favoured by South Africans are Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Privacy concerns bother most people and when such a popular site like Facebook faces these issues you would expect that popularity to fall, luckily for Facebook South African users have remained loyal to the site simply changing the way that they access it.

Keeping safe is not only relevant to those in South Africa but for any mobile user worldwide and many online sites have put stringent measures into their sites to make sure that they are both safe and secure.

For instance, if we take a look at online gambling as an example and how the industry has taken online security as paramount we begin to see how far technology has advance to keep personal information private.

There would have been a time where playing any betting game using a mobile device would have been unthinkable for a few reasons. Firstly, playing any game would have been frustrating beyond measure as they crashed and locked up regularly. Not only did they crash it was almost impossible to see the game as mobile phone screens were so small.

Now we can expect excellent graphics, video and audio clips to accompany our games making our times spent playing both enjoyable and entertaining. Not only are the games excellent fun but they are safe too as the high-end online casino sites have strict rules and regulations to adhere to, besides having to be licenced by the Gambling Commission or other like-minded governing body that covers their jurisdiction.

This has led to many site offering games like live roulette online where players can interact with each other as well as with the croupier who is always about to offer advice and help when required, and once more they are held in real time, which makes this option about as near as anyone could get to playing at a real bricks and mortar venue, all from the comfort of your own home.

Other top ranked uses for mobile phones within South Africa is online shopping, travel, entertainment and lifestyle for women, whilst the men tend to watch more videos that tare related to sports and technology.

Manchester United is still the most followed football club in South Africa boasting in excess of 4000 fans with other popular clubs being FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester City.

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