Huge win against SAPS racist freedom fighters promotions scheme

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The trade union Solidarity kicked the SA Police’s but in a big way by winning an interdict that could prevent the government’s racist policy to promote and favour former MK members.

Solidarity obtained an interdict by the North Gauteng High Court against the South African Police Service (SAPS) to force the SAPS to reveal all information regarding their controversial NSF project. The NSF project is a process to selectively reassess and promote certain military veterans, like former members of MK.

According to Schalk de Bruin, Deputy General Secretary at Solidarity, the trade union was forced to approach the court when it came to light that the SAPS are continuing with the unconstitutional promotion of 628 MK members, and the exclusion of 150 000 other professional SAPS members.

“This interdict is a massive breakthrough in our fight to protect thousands of professional, career driven SAPS members against the illegal and discriminating project that would’ve put a spoke in their wheels in the future,” said De Bruin.

According to Anton van der Bijl, Head of Labour Law Services at Solidarity, the court granted the trade union’s application with costs. “We are delighted with the verdict, because justice has prevailed. This verdict once again confirms that we and our members at SAPS as the largest shareholders in a government institution like the SAPS, has the right to transparency and participation in management and management’s decisions of such an institution,” said Van der Bijl.

Van der Bijl also said that Solidarity will carefully monitor the information that the SAPS will provide, to ensure that the trade union is in a position to protect and promote its members’ interests and rights.

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