Waking up to the sound of temple worship music, I open the front garage door (that hasn’t been locked since I’ve moved in), get on my scooter (hello helmet-hair) and drive through the crazy streets of Taiwan, where the traffic lights are only for decoration.


It’s been a long walk since I was born and bred in Namibia, then moved to Cape Town and at the mature age of 42, moved to Italy. My idea was “a year overseas – hopefully Germany or Switzerland, but I got Italy and yes, after 10 years,

PAP AND JIVE Party in Dubai

Pap and Jive in Dubai Elize Stoltz and Zelda van Rooyen were the organisers of the Pap and Jive held at the Barracuda Beach Resort. Over 500 fellow South Africans from all over the UAE turned up for the weekend’s festivities. 

More than just a game book review

More Than Just A Game: Football VS Apartheid is a book detailing the lives of political prisoners who were involved in playing soccer on Robben Island. They played completely by the book, followed FIFA guidelines and even gained an honourary induction into FIFA, awarded by Sepp Blatter personally in 2007....


The best thing about Norway is the nature! Norway is the fairytale land I grew up seeing in kiddies books. I thought such places did not really exist. The awesome mountains, cute little wooden houses (capped with snow in winter) and breathtaking views create a wonderland ripe for exploring any...

JOHN STUPART back from Japan

Back in South Africa after living and working in Japan. Japan Redux: Part I I am now 3 months into my South Africa decompression after returning from the supreme inaka that is Northern Hokkaido, and what do I have to say?


I arrived here in 1994 as an 11 year old and have now spent the majority of my life in this country.  With all my family and some friends still in SA I have returned twice and always look forward to going back for holidays.

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