Minister’s Addis ‘party trip abroad’ – who paid?

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Who paid for the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini’s lavish ANC Women’s League  (ANCWL) jaunt to Addis Ababa?

That’s the question opposition party the Democratic Alliance will be asking parliament to find out  who footed the bill when the minister apparently visited Ethiopia to launch a task team and young women’s desk.

The Minister’s spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant, claims her boss went to Addis Ababa on state business, yet media reports, and even photographs emerging from the visit, indicate that Minister Dlamini has been engaged in her capacity as ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) President.

In fact, the ANCWL claimed earlier this week (see here) that the league was launching its task team and young women’s desk in Addis Ababa.

The DA says in a statement it is highly likely that public money was used to pay for what was principally a party trip abroad.

This week’s essential meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Social Development to consider progress made in the distribution of social grants by 1 April 2017, was cancelled because key “stakeholders” were attending an ANC Lekgotla meeting.

The DA says: “It is now increasingly clear why the meeting didn’t in fact go ahead. The Minister has again been too busy jet-setting around the world to make time for the 17 million South Africans who rely on social assistance from the state to survive.

“The DA will not allow the poor to be treated like this, especially at a time when food inflation has made it more difficult for so many people to get by.”

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