Moving to and from South Africa – Learning to Declutter in 6 Stages

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Moving abroad is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life but before you start unravelling the bubble-wrap and assembling the packing boxes, stop for a moment and think about all the items you plan to take with you to the UK. Do you really need it all?

Remember the more you take, the more you pay. So here are a few tips about decluttering before you begin your new chapter in the UK.

  1. First of all, you may want to think twice about packing an inexhaustible supply of clothes and looking at other options such as storage or selling. Think about the climate you’re about to immerse yourself in: Will it be warm? Then ditch the jumpers and cardigans! The same goes for the T-shirts and shorts if your chosen destination is a little on the chilly side.
  2. If you have expansive, alphabetised CD and DVD collections, we advise not to take it all with you. These collections are heavy, expensive to ship and, let’s be honest, largely redundant in this age of streaming and downloading!
  3. Don’t waste money shipping your old furniture overseas such as armchairs, beds, sofas, chests of drawers and wardrobes. Treat yourself to new items when you arrive at your new destination. Naturally if you choose to sell your old furniture, you’ll be providing yourself with a financial platform for buying replacements.
  4. If you’re moving electrical items like flatscreen televisions, you may also want to consider the electrical power differences. There’s no point shipping such a large electrical item abroad if it’s going to create a power outage when you switch it on. Also, if you choose to adapt a television or other electrical item for the UK, you could invalidate the warranty
  5. If you’ve had your mattress longer than around five years, you should probably invest in a new one – we could go into detail about hygiene and bed bugs but we’ll just leave that to you
  6. For any other item with significant weight and volume, just ask yourself ‘when was the last time I needed this?’ If your answer is far from satisfactory, leave it behind. Be ruthless.

Once you’ve lost all your ‘ruth’ and streamlined your shipment, it’s time to work out just which is the best method of moving your items from A to B. May we suggest that if you’re departing or travelling to South Africa, a MoveCube® from Seven Seas Worldwide is your best bet?

The Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube® service offers a revolutionary approach to removals, for it sends a container inside a trailer direct to your home for loading. Once the container has been packed to your requirements, we will return to collect it once more and redeliver to your chosen destination.

The MoveCube® comes in three different sizes to fit your needs: small, medium or large. Bear in mind you may need more than one to pack everything left after decluttering, but that’s not a problem – we can tailor our service to suit you. The MoveCube® takes everything from your door and the next time you see them will be when your consignment is delivered to the door of your new address. We believe it’s the most affordable and stress-free approach to moving home you’ll find on the market.

Check out the website for more information on the Seven Seas Worldwide International MoveCube®.

Happy decluttering.

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