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Natural Remedies for Swine Flu

 Website I do not want to add to the media scare over swine flu as the cases that I have come across have been uncomfortable but very manageable. I have however had a number of patients contact me because they are concerned, so I have put together a little...


It's the middle of the year and all the potential and promise that you felt in the New Year, all those feelings of 'hey, this is 2009 and fine, mine - divine' have probably given way to the same old nine to five routine that leaves you a little wanting. 


The colourful post-election landscape of South Africa   The general election of April 22nd has come and gone, and apart from a few administrative glitches, was largely a free and transparent process. Notwithstanding the continuing dominance of the African National Congress, the poll was highly competitive with South Africans turning out in...

LIONS TOUR 2009 Fixtures and Scores

Wikipedia Page: The 2009 British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa is an international rugby union tour scheduled to take place from May to July 2009. The Lions will play a three-match Test series against South Africa and seven games against provincial teams.  


Each Year in South Africa, the second Sunday in May brings with it a day in which children all over the country scuttle in a flurry to prepare their mothers a delicious breakfast in bed. They wake up early to pick fresh flowers from the garden, spend time painstakingly preparing...


March rolls over and April blinks in the reality of 2009. South African’s start firing up the braai, cracking open a few castles and zone in for the pre-winter swims. Breathing out a relaxing sigh of relief and wrapped in the glory of the Super 14 Rugby, we braise ourselves...

SPORTS INJURY or Lower Back Pain

Website   The musculoskeletal system is supported by the vertebral spine which can result in lower back pain as a common complaint suffered by sportsmen. These injuries generally involve the supporting muscles of the back including the hamstrings, buttocks and iliopsoas (groin) muscles along with the discs and vertebrae.

Paintball – Clint

What made you get into the paintballing game for a living? The sport itself is very exciting and fun, and to be able to forge a career in marketing such a unique product is not difficult when there are so many fans of paintball in the world.


WITH THIS RING, I THEE WED…” This is a most intimate moment between two people, when they commit their lives to each other. And it is also a very proud moment for Petra Bierberg, owner and designer of Petra Jewellery Design, when it is one of her designs exchanging hands. 

FACE FIRST in Autumn

ACE FIRST This Autumn With Summer gone and Autumn here we are probably all experiencing the excesses of Summer and the party season, such as damaged locks and poor eating habits. It is the perfect time of year to reassess and revitalize your make up, skin and hair to get your...


Stressed and heading for burnout?  Try some Stress Busting Foods: A certain amount of stress is good – keeping us motivated, sharp and alert.  However, prolonged stress can have a range of negative effects on our health and if we don’t learn to manage it properly we suffer from a...


At this time of the season, when it is dark so early, the days are cold and lack natural, hot sunlight. At times like these it is easy to turn to comfort food which is an easy way of meeting a legitimate feeling or desire. These feelings are fuelled by...

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