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SPORTS INJURY or Lower Back Pain

Website   The musculoskeletal system is supported by the vertebral spine which can result in lower back pain as a common complaint suffered by sportsmen. These injuries generally involve the supporting muscles of the back including the hamstrings, buttocks and iliopsoas (groin) muscles along with the discs and vertebrae.

Paintball – Clint

What made you get into the paintballing game for a living? The sport itself is very exciting and fun, and to be able to forge a career in marketing such a unique product is not difficult when there are so many fans of paintball in the world.


WITH THIS RING, I THEE WED…” This is a most intimate moment between two people, when they commit their lives to each other. And it is also a very proud moment for Petra Bierberg, owner and designer of Petra Jewellery Design, when it is one of her designs exchanging hands. 

FACE FIRST in Autumn

ACE FIRST This Autumn With Summer gone and Autumn here we are probably all experiencing the excesses of Summer and the party season, such as damaged locks and poor eating habits. It is the perfect time of year to reassess and revitalize your make up, skin and hair to get your...


Stressed and heading for burnout?  Try some Stress Busting Foods: A certain amount of stress is good – keeping us motivated, sharp and alert.  However, prolonged stress can have a range of negative effects on our health and if we don’t learn to manage it properly we suffer from a...


At this time of the season, when it is dark so early, the days are cold and lack natural, hot sunlight. At times like these it is easy to turn to comfort food which is an easy way of meeting a legitimate feeling or desire. These feelings are fuelled by...


If I had £1 for every time I either heard the word ‘Credit Crunch’, then this so-called recession would be the furthest thing from my mind (cos I’ll be sipping pina coladas on my yacht somewhere in the Caribbean)

Bus driver – Peter Rishton

Everyday, thousands of people make use of the big red busses for which London is famous. But hardly any attention is ever paid to the driver of the bus, so SA Promo has seen it fit to interview ex Saffa teacher, Peter Rishton, who has taken up this job to...

Music promo – Living it Live

Who are Living it Live and what is your cool job?Musos. Drums. Guitars. Bass. Groupies. …aah and a well deserved beer at the end of it!  Living It Live is a Music Management company based in London and we provide one of the biggest platforms for South African musicians coming...

THE 80 20 RULE

Wikipedia Page very valuable lesson to learn ... In most cases, especially in relationships, you will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will hardly get the other 20% that you WANT in your relationship. There is always another person (man or woman) that you will meet...


We as South African expats have numerous challenges to face in the New Year. Sport is one of the areas where we will always be able to hold our heads up high! And one of our challenges comes in the form of a decision. Not the decision whether to watch...


For a South African in London, there are not many greater feelings than beating the Poms in a game that they invented. Rugby is the sport, and Twickenham was the setting to round off a tour for the current World Champs, which was shrouded in a cloud of off-the-field discrepancies...


What a way to stick it to the Aussies. We woke up in the early hours of the morning to watch Captain Courageous, Graeme Smith, and his relatively young Proteas side do what has eluded the cricket community for more than 17 years. But on top of that, it has...

Labour Remedies

There are many homeopathic remedies that can ease and aid labour. These are not all commonly found in health food stores or chemists though it is possible to buy them over the telephone from many of the homeopathic pharmacies.


Shiny hair is up there when it comes to what women want for their hair. It’s a basic requirement of gorgeous locks and our sanity. Dull hair is well, DULL. And it’s so easy to get that salon quality shine at home, that there’s no excuse for any other results. 


How can you move forward if you haven't learnt from the mistakes of your past? Before rushing headlong into the New Year, making resolutions and focusing on new goals, take time to reflect on this year. Take a moment now to look back on 2008 and remind yourself of what...


Occupation:  Chartered Physiotherapists In last months edition of SA Promo we discussed the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Now let's take a look at what you need to consider before starting an exercise regime and what precautions to look out for. Things to consider before you start exercising

MAKING THE MOST Out of Your Physio Visit

Sources: results don't just happen In order for your physiotherapy treatment to be a success you will need to be an active partner in your treatment - so to help ensure you get the most out of your visit to the physiotherapist we have pulled together a 'Top Tips'...


You’ve just flown economy class from Johannesburg to Heathrow. Your new surroundings are so peculiar, but you’re excited. You descend an escalator and seconds later you feel a strange wind on your face as the Piccadilly train arrives. A quarter of an hour later you see London city for the...

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