Private schools get ‘preferential treatment’, says ANCYL

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Here we go again – the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) says it is concerned that private schools in South Africa were given preferential treatment in contrast to the country’s public schools.

The baby branch of the liberation movement and governing party says this proves that the country has a separated education systems. ANCYL spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize says private schools get far better education when compared to the rest of the country.

“We wish to register our concern with the manner in which preferential treatment is given to private schools in contrast to public schools,” Mkhize said. “Private schools continue to get far better education if compared to the rest of the nation. As if that was not enough, their results are given to them ahead of other learners.”

Africa News Agency also reports Mkhize called on the ANC government to act against this and ‘curb undesirable outcomes of these systems’.

“This act must stop otherwise it seeks to inculcate a notion that private services are better then public services. It affirms the centrality of money in order to get a better education,” Mkhize said.

“We call on our government to stop this practice before it gets worse.”

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