A quick introduction to rugby betting

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When it comes to sports betting and rugby betting, it’s the major tournaments such as the Six Nations, the Rugby Championship and the Rugby World Cup that serve as the predominant platforms for the rugby punters everywhere. Apart from the rugby union, a great amount of hunting activity also happens on the rugby leagues in different parts of the world.

Every time you see these events happening, there’s a good amount of action on the Betway South African online sports betting portal as well! Although on the surface rugby may have a lot of similarities with football, there are some significant differences between the two. Hence, any interested rugby bettor should always pay a lot of attention to these differences and understand the sport well before betting any money on it.

How to punt on rugby

When we talk about match betting in particular, rugby is slightly different from how match betting happens in the football matches. Regardless, at the basic level you always get the option to place those straightforward tournament outright single bets. For instance, you can bet on a specific team to win a rugby tournament, or punt on the possibility of a team to get relegated.

The club rugby tournaments normally provide a bit more value compared to the popular international rugby tournaments, as the margins between the playing teams (with regard to their competitiveness) is fairly low, as not seen normally in the major international events. When you bet on the international level rugby tournaments, you are essentially backing the field against New Zealand in majority of the cases. This is particularly true in case of the Rugby World Cup and the Rugby Championship.

Popular rugby bets

As mentioned earlier, there’s not a lot of value when it comes to match betting on rugby. This is due to the fact that the strong teams are so heavily expected to win because of the points offered. It’s quite unlike football where you often see an underdog team scoring a lucky goal and then defending it successfully for the remaining part of the game. In case of rugby, underdogs usually aren’t able to keep the stronger sides off the board for a very long time. For instance, if an underdog quickly scores a converted try and puts seven points on the board, the favourites might quickly chip away that total and gain the lead.

Hence, anyone interested in finding some value in his/her rugby bets should ideally look at the winning margin and handicap markets. Such bets allow punters to get some value from backing the usually expected outcomes. Thereafter, it normally boils down to how heavily the favourites would win the match, or how badly the underdogs would lose. Some of the other popular rugby betting markets include ‘last try scorer’, ‘total points odd/even’ and ‘first try scorer’.

Live rugby bets

A good number of punters are indulging in live rugby betting these days too, wherein the high focus markets continue to be the total points, try scorer markets, method of next points (penalty or try) and the outright market.

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