R136.5M paid to 69 suspended government employees

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69 – yes folks, that magically sexy number – of government have been placed on suspension for more than six months pending disciplinary action, yet, they have collectively been paid R136.5 million of your hard earned money since 1 April 2016 – and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

The R136.5 million total cost on the precautionary suspensions is made up of R24 million in national departments and R112.5 million in provincial departments.

The DA says in a statement they received the information about the waste of money after submitting questions to the boxing ring (they said parliament).

This party will now  be submitting further parliamentary questions to find out exactly why it has taken so long to conclude disciplinary action.

Of the 69 employees currently on suspension, 45 are from national departments and 24 from provincial departments.

Alarmingly, 4 of the provincial employees have been suspended for more than a year and 5 for more than two years.

It is astounding that so much money has been paid in salaries because the respective departments have failed to efficiently conclude disciplinary action.

This money should be spent on skills development or internship programmes within these departments for the millions of young people who are currently without work and who have been abandoned by the ANC government.

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