Road Rage resolved by Taser Gun

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Road Rage South Africa

Dashcams capture a lot of events that would never have surfaced before. This one is one of those events…

Irrespective of events prior to what we can see, this testosterone ego fuelled idiot should never have stopped in front of any car. Not so long ago a similar incident in Gauteng ended up with one of the two people in the Road Rage incident shot dead.

To top it all off this guy came storming at the car, kicked it but this driver was a little bit more prepared. He reversed, good idea just get away and seems like a Taser Gun won the day, he must have flashed a quick HOWZIT to resolve any hard feelings remotely that the poepol had at the time… well apart from shouting something about “Afrikaans” and other not so lekker words. At least the guy backed of and nobody got tasered or hurt during this idiotic tempter tantrum.

POEPOL badge for you dude and hope you will keep your emotional farts to yourself in future!

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