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The rest of South Africa might be going down the toilet but at least we can sing.

Five of South Africa’s top choirs have made the top of the list for the best of the best in the world and the Stellenbosch University Choir is the best of them all.

The Stellenbosch University Choir has made the top of a list of 1000 global choirs as compiled by  INTERKULTUR, an organisation born by the idea of bringing people together from all countries, cultures and world views in peaceful competitions. reports INTERKULTUR counts among its members leading personalities from culture, politics and business, as well as choirs and orchestras, clubs and cultural organisations. The “World Choir Council”, a kind of United Nations of choral singing, is made up of renowned choral experts from 80 countries. They represent INTERKULTUR’s musical network with 120,000 choirs with 4.8 million singers. The organisation has offices and representatives in numerous countries and is supported by ministries of culture, municipal authorities and countless organisations.

The Stellenbosch University Choir was founded in 1936 under the baton of William Morris. After him various conductors established the ensemble as an influential South African choir. It is currently directed by André van der Merwe.

The Choir, an ensemble of approximately 80 – 100 voices, has won international acclaim through performances, concert tours, and participation in prestigious festivals and competitions.

The top choirs in the world are:

1. Stellenbosch University Choir, South Africa

2. Kamerniy Devichiy Khor, Ukraine

3. The Müller Chamber Choir, China

4. Gnesins’ Ensemble of Contemporary Music, Russia

5. University of Louisville Cardinal Singers, USA

6.University of Houston Moores School Concert Chorale, USA

6. Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir, China

8. Children and Youth Studio “Gaismina”, Latvia

8. Children’s Choir “Alye Parusa”, Russia

10. Emīla Dārziņa Jauktais Koris, Latvia

11. Akustika Chamber Singers, South Africa

12. Ensemble Thios Omilos, Germany

12. Riddarholmens Kammarkör, Sweden

12. Kearsney College Choir, South Africa

15. Seisen High School Choir, Japan

16. Dekoor Close Harmony Christoph, Netherlands

17. Kvindelige Studenters Sangforening Oslo, Norway

18. Stellenberg Girls Choir, South Africa

19. Novo Concertante Manila, Philippines

19. Cantus Tove Ramlo-Ystad, Norway

21. Coro Polifonico di Ruda, Italy

22. Barnsley Youth Choir, Great Britain

23. The SLU Glee Club Normita, Philippines

24. Cantamus Girls’ Choir Pamela, Great Britain

25. The Orthodox Male Choir “Armonia” Ion, Romania

25. Philomela, Finland

25. University of Pretoria Camerata, South Africa

28. Niños Cantores de la Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil y Camerata, Venezuela

29. Choir of the West, Pacific Lutheran University, USA

30. Guangdong Experimental High School Choir, China

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