SABC’s boss causes “ratings disaster”

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In yet another product of the South African Broadcorping Castration (SABC) chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s classic mismanagement style, his recent move to replace international content with locally-made TV shows has resulted in a colossal flop. quotes TV critic Thinus Ferreira who says the SABC COO Motsoeneng’s plan to fill SABC 3 with “cheap and badly-produced local content” has resulted in a massive ratings disaster.

Viewership for the majority of the eligible new local shows was so low that they failed to make the top 20 most-watched shows list for July 2016 – which looks at prime time viewership between 5.30 and 10pm on weekdays.

Ferreira says that after an “abrupt order” by Motsoeneng for 90% local television, the “plunging ratings for SABC 3 spells disaster. Despite costing the SABC loads of money to produce, the majority of the local SABC 3 shows are flops. This is also confirmed by the latest TAMS TV ratings.

Divas of Jozi, Top Chef South Africa, and The Sober Companion were among the shows listed as ratings flops. “By having replaced popular shows with local shows that have lower production values, higher-income TV households – those that advertisers want to reach – have fled SABC 3.”

This means that the SABC 3’s overall ratings will be lower, a problem for SABC 3 – which is “already struggling in the viewership race”.

The soap The Bold and the Beautiful – content which Motsoeneng wants to dump – is the most-watched programme on SABC 3.

“While Motsoeneng in June and July said viewers don’t watch Days of Our Lives, it remained a solid performer in July for SABC until it was yanked from the schedule, with 1.07 million viewers.”

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