SA’s educated ready to jump ship

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Economic and political uncertainty under Jacob Zuma’s regime, along with unemployment at its highest point in more than a decade, is fuelling a stampede of South Africa’s educated middle class desperate to leave the country. quotes Nigel Barnes, managing partner at citizenship planning consultancy, Henley & Partners, and other emigration experts who now say there is a massive rise in inquiries about emigration from South African.

“I think that concerns over the future growth and development of South Africa, and uncertainty about the sustainability of sectors, such as education, is finally driving South Africans to assess their alternatives in earnest.

“In short, they are now acting on their concerns, rather than just voicing them among family and friends,” Barnes said.

BusinessTech says the coming exodus has not gone unnoticed by Zuma and has cronies. In May the Department of Home Affairs produced a white paper about planned legislation which would compel South Africans who plan to be out of the country for longer than three months to register with the government.

The register was reportedly meant to act as a means of keeping track of South Africans abroad, but is also seen as a possible way of curbing the high emigration rate. At the end of July Home Affairs officially gazetted the white Paper for public comment.

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