Selling your car? Here are 7 big mistakes you have to avoid

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Take the stress – and the nasty surprises – out of trading your old vehicle with these handy hints that’ll ensure you collect all of the price and none of the problems.

The price is (not) right: part one

Of course you want the highest price you can get, of course you don’t want some silver-tongued chancer to walk off with a bargain, of course you think you can add a zero on the end without anyone noticing.

But asking R100 000 for that battered old Atos with 300 000km on the clock? Who are you kidding!

Not only will you struggle to make the sale, you’ll have to go through viewing after unsuccessful viewing when you could be doing absolutely anything else with your life.

Here’s what you do: head along to the CarZar website and type in a few simple details for a free quote.

Cluttered car, scuppered sale

A potential buyer desiring a new vehicle that looks suspiciously like a skip on wheels is a particularly niche market. So clear out any lingering fast food boxes, kids’ toys and dog hair pronto.

First impressions really do count, so why not book a free inspection with the good people at CarZar? You choose the time and place, they’ll do the rest.

A wash and brush up taking little over an hour, inside and out, could be worth hundreds of rand on the price, or at the very least a quicker sale. You never know.

Getting into a fix

First impressions are everything…

Those cosmetic gestures can make a huge difference, but there’s no need to go mad on trying to make your car as good as new.

Chances are that part of the reason you’re selling up is to do away with the hassles that come with owning a vehicle. So, as long as the brakes are working and fuel isn’t spilling all over the driveway, there’s no need to spend a fortnight going back and forth to the mechanics.

Instead, trust the enthusiastic team at CarZar to set the wheels in motion for a reliable, smooth sale.

Just make sure you mention any little imperfections to your prospective buyer – it’s the least you can do.

The price is (not) right: part two

We’ve discussed the perils of asking for too much, but you don’t want to do yourself out of a chunk of money either.

If you just want to get rid of the damn thing for a pittance, that’s your prerogative. But most of us will want to get the best deal we can, so do your research online and enlist the help of proper companies like CarZar who know a handy run-around from a heap of junk when they see one.

Not doing your homework

It’s not as much paperwork as you think, we promise.

We know very few people find this the most thrilling aspect of selling a car but trust us, if you do your housekeeping it’ll pay off in the form of more cash and less stress.

Proof of ownership, any outstanding finance, service history and a notification of change of ownership form are all things to consider.

As for rushing out a written sale agreement? Don’t worry, offers from CarZar are obligation free.

When do you do this? Now, if not sooner – and certainly before you actively try to sell your car. Come on now, stop putting it off…

Trading it in at the downtown dealership

It may seem like the hassle-free option, but it’s also the best way to guarantee the lowest price for your car.

These guys know what they’re doing and are ruthlessly trained to keep as much cash in their till… and out of your pocket.

Make a small effort with our top tips here and try services like CarZar to get the best sum for your vehicle. You will survive just fine without the free pine tree air freshener.

Failing to cheque the balances

You’ve perfected your sales pitch, hit the haggling sweet spot and shaken hands on the second-hand deal of a lifetime.

But please, please don’t go accepting cheques or the promise of being paid in instalment – it’ll end in tears.

Instead, put the handbrake on the buyer driving off into the sunset without paying by using CarZar, who will transfer the sale money directly into your account as soon as you’ve accepted the offer.

To avoid the perils and pitfalls when selling your car, get a free instant online quote from CarZar in the time it takes to do a perfect emergency stop. Visit for a free evaluation now!

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