South African Teacher Joke

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This is merely funny, but there’s more there than just a laugh!

Teacher: ‘Who is the President of South Africa?’

Children: ‘Shaka Zulu.’

Teachers: ‘Correct, and the Minister of Defence?’

Children: ‘Ben McCathy.’

Teacher: ‘Correct’. ‘What is the capital city of South Africa?’

Children: ‘Nkandla.’

Teacher: ‘Very Good.’ ‘And who composed the National Anthem?’

Children: ‘Black Coffee and DJ Tira.’

Teacher: ‘Excellent.’ ‘ What do you call people from Moscow?’

Children: ‘Mosquitoes.’

Teacher: ‘Perfect.’ ‘ How much is 2 + 5?’

Children: ’25.’

Teacher: ‘That’s great, you’re going to be stupid like this
until your government increases my salary!’

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