Telkom Executive robbed at gunpoint at home in broad daylight

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Armed Robberies in South Africa

A second brazen armed attack in bright daylight in one of Johannesburg’s more affluent suburbs has left a Telkom executive utterly disillusioned.

The attack – which can be seen on CCTV – on Jacqui O’Sullivan at gunpoint with her son in the back seat of her car has left her to Tweet: Held up in Craighall today on my drive. White BMW CT92CFGP, sun roof, tinted windows 3 men, armed @davidosullie & I have had enough!

The incident happened last week in Craighall, Johannesburg, after picking up her four-year-old son from school.  The robbers smashed into her automatic gate to stop it from closing before one of the masked men entered. The dag on the premises looked as though it was looking for a playmate.

News24 reports the incident happened last Thursday at around 12h48 shortly after O’Sullivan noticed a suspicious-looking BMW near her gate.

This is the second time O’Sullivan has been robbed at her home in the past 18 months.

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