Things to Do Before Launching an Online Advertising Campaign

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Are you thinking about launching and online ad campaign? Stop and consider first. Have you covered all the essentials necessary to run an online ad campaign?

That is to say, does your ad campaign have a high chance of success once launched? Before a company launches and ad campaign, there are several things to do. These should be done long before the campaign is formulated and paid for. So, before you spend a lot of money running an online ad campaign, think about the following first:

Pick Your Social Network Channels

It’s easy to promote ads and content on dozens of social networks available out there. But that doesn’t mean you should. In order for your ad campaign to actually be affective, and not waste money, your business should be able to isolate the social networks that are most likely to generate good returns. For some brands, this would be intuitive. Not so much for others. Facebook is a great place to advertise for most brands, but not all. So, hire a Social Media Marketing Agency Melbourne or in your local city to find our which social networks are worthwhile channels for your brand to pour money in.

Research Keywords

An ad campaign can be made or undone by the keywords. So make sure your campaign uses the right keywords in everything. The right keywords won’t come naturally to you. You will have to spend some time doing research. You can use trackers on your website to find out which search phrases drive traffic to your website. Your keywords would be these key phrases then. You can also experiment with different keywords to find out which work the best. This would cost some money. Do expect to always upgrade the keywords you are using. They would not remain the same always. You will need to use different sets of keywords depending on the season and the audience.

Know the Competition

Are your sure your ad campaign is not mirroring what a competitor is doing? You definitely should look at what the competition is doing in terms of ads. Is the competition favouring one form of ads over another? Depending on what you observe, you will be able to design an effective ad campaign that doesn’t overlap with the competition. Check out the language competitors are using and offer something to your audience that doesn’t sound like the same. More importantly, look for weaknesses. It’s not impossible that some segments of the audience are not being served well by the competitions’ ads. This is where your brand can find advantage.

Design Landing Pages

Even if you use the very best of the keywords, it won’t matter if the user traffic is not redirected to the right products or services. So, do spend some time designing landing pages for online paid ads. These landing pages should be optimized to drive conversions. Of course, the landing pages should be up and running by the time your ad campaign takes off.

Understand Your Target Audience

Make sure you really understand your target audience before the ad campaign takes off. In the beginning, there will more misses than hits. However, you should aim to gather top-quality data to optimize your ad campaign to best appeal to your target audience.

Throughout the campaign, collect data on everything, such as channel ROI, user demographics, and so on. You can then use this data to fine tune the campaign.

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