Top 5 trends in online gambling in 2017

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The number of gambling providers grew significantly in 2016. It can be proved by the fact that all of them pocketed remarkable revenues. What kind of surprises do gambling providers expect in 2017? We offer you top 5 trends in online gambling in 2017.

Online gambling in 2017: facts and figures

Presently, 85 countries worldwide have already legalized gambling business. Since 2016, revenues from gambling have increased by 10% in all countries which allow playing at online casinos. Virtual casinos and betting give more than 70% of all money earned by online gambling venues.

One simple fact can explain such a growing popularity both in incomes and the number of gamesters – you can play your favorite casino games 24/7/365 from almost any place in the world.  Therefore, according to analysts` reports, by 2020 all revenues from online gambling will have been increased to over 60 billion dollars.

The considerable part of the most reputable and the richest gambling providers is located in China, the USA, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and France.

Increasing amount of female gamblers

One of the most vivid trends in online gambling in 2017 is that the number of women players has increased significantly. Many new casinos for women have already been launched (888Ladies, Maria Casino, Pink Casino, etc.). Ladies between 32-36 years are the most powerful online gamblers. Most of them reside in the United Kingdom (48%) and the United States (42%). There is another interesting fact: over 75% of women prefer playing at the online casino from their mobile devices.


Clients prefer mobile gambling

Since the beginning of 2017, a number of mobile applications for online gambling have grown considerably. People prefer playing their favorite casino games on-the-go at any available time. Plenty of them use social networks (Twitter and Facebook) to communicate, exchange experience, and play together.

Innovative marketing tools

Non-intrusive advertisements and unobtrusive personalized newsletters are the trendiest and efficient marketing strategies on the gambling market. In May 2017, experts declared that these strategies already helped to capture 15% more gamblers worldwide than in 2016.

Alternative currencies displace traditional payment systems

Since 2016, such alternative currencies as bitcoins have started to replace traditional payment methods regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds. Though debit/credits cards and the popular online payment systems remain on the market, their role has diminished drastically. Moreover, such a trend made gambling providers adjust to this situation. They immediately started offering payments in various digital and crypto currencies. Therefore, various Bitcoin casinos have already become a trend. For example, at the end of 2016, the UK Gambling Commission declared that Bitcoin could be used as a legitimate means of payment for online gambling in the UK.

Security problems

According to statistics of online gambling security, most casinos will experience serious problems with online protection of their players` private information. Online thieves use plenty of innovative scam techniques. So, security departments of online gambling houses must do their best to protect their gamers from the growing number of DDoS-attacks on their servers.


Undoubtedly, we can give more specific trends in online gambling in 2017. However, the increasing number of female players, the extensive development of porn casinos, implementation of alternative payment systems, and other factors are the most important tendencies in online gambling in 2017.

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