Well-known US immigration specialist coming to SA this month

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If you are considering immigration and have a business idea you’d like to get off the ground in America, Grant Kaplan will be consulting in South Africa and would like to meet you in person.

The seminars will also be geared towards offering advice to investors and farmers, as well as people wishing to enter the country through other means, such as

  • Green Card naturalisation – if you have a Green Card, there are certain other criteria that need to be met before you can apply for naturalisation.
  • Marriage to a US citizen – if you marry a US citizen in good faith, you may apply for a Green Card, but there are criteria that will make this process more straightforward.
  • Investing in a business – Kaplan and associates will discuss the best way for you to gain access to the US through investment in a business.
  • Gaining citizenship through parents – there are specific criteria that will allow you access to the country via your parents. These routes will be discussed at the seminars.

Dates of the immigration seminars:

Kaplan and his associates will be in South Africa in October 2017 to meet with prospective clients who would like to inquire about immigration or who need assistance moving to the United States.

When: 22 October 2017 – 29 October 2017
Where: Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town

About the immigration team:

Founding attorney Grant Kaplan has over 29 years of experience in international law. From offices in Boca Raton, Florida, Mr Kaplan represents people and companies in immigration cases throughout the United States.

The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan have extensive experience in a variety of areas related to immigration law. They work with a number of experts to help find effective and creative solutions to immigration issues, such as employment-based visas, family-based visas, Green cards, and citizenship.

Email them today to reserve your one-on-one consultation. Seats are limited!

If you or anyone you know is interested in meeting the team, contact them now:

Tel: +1 561 347 8440
Email: [email protected]

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