This is where you will live longer – not in SA

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Want to live longer and maintain a healthier lifestyle? Then its time to pack your bags and move far away from South Africa, to the likes of Norway, Switzerland and Australia – immigration regulations permitting.

At the end of 2017, the United Nations published its annual Human Development Report, a ranking of where people live longer, healthier lives. The UN looked at nearly 200 countries across a number of categories, including life expectancy, education, gender equality, and financial wealth.

It ranked the following countries among the top 5:

Norway: Ranked highest in standard of living, life expectancy, and education, and boasts an average life expectancy of 82 years.

Australia: Education makes up over 5% of the national GDP. The UN found that most students go to school for around 20 years in Australia.

Switzerland: Ranked high in overall health, with an average life expectancy of 83 years.

Germany: As many as 96% of the population has at least some secondary education as universities are free to attend.

Denmark: Often reported to be the happiest country in the world, Denmark as a very manageable population of just under six million people.

The Netherlands and Canada are also placed in the top 10, with New Zealand ranked 13th, and Japan 17th on the list.

You will find South Africa at number 119.

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