Will Steve sing ‘Pampoen’ when he gets to the White House?

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Steve Hofmeyr

Now wouldn’t this be a match made in heaven. Two rednecks from different parts of the world patting each other on the back to see which one is the biggest bigot and racist…

Yes, South Africa’s part time entertainer and full time right wing quasi politician Steve Hofmeyr is begging for money to go and meet the US fresh president, Donald Trump.

Supporters of Steve Hofmeyr are now raising money to send their Afrikaans singing leader to Trump. We are not sure if he will be singing ‘Pampoen’ the second he arrives in the White House.

Mofmeyr has applauded the crowdfunding initiative, and told TshisaLIVE that he would be “honoured” to represent the group who have called on him to meet with Trump over “white genocide” in South Africa, something that crime stats have refuted over and over.

A petition calling for Hofmeyr and farmers’ rights activist Henk van de Graaf to meet Trump, and for the US president-elect to “grant the white people of South Africa their independence”, was developed by a Facebook group called Kommando Sorg.

The petition – it’s been running for around two weeks – had garnered about  200 signatures and according to Hofmeyr R20,000 – a tad short of the R100,000 goal.

The petition claims farm murders are being “covered-up”.

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