Wikipedia Page Ski Austria this winter? Austria is well know throughout not only Europe, but the world, for having some of the best ski runs on the planet. Austria’s reputation is built on not only the fact that it not only has some of the most accessible runs in...


Warm your cockles this Christmas with local ales, home-cooked food & exploring the UK. The bleak weather may be urging you to stay in front of the telly, but resist the temptation to hibernate at home – the UK is full of warming winter venues, be it a snug pub,...


Wikipedia Page Described as the "City of Brotherly Love", Philadelphia offers so much more than just cobblestone streets and endless historical landmarks. What makes this city so memorable is its unique blend of experiences that you have to discover in person.

Exploring Australia

Wikipedia Page Arriving in Sydney airport is a rather daunting experience, not only are you stressing about the fact that you may have a stray banana peel in your bag, but there is also the fact that even mud on your shoe could get you turfed out!

TRAVEL Tenerife

Wikipedia Pag Website TRAVEL TENERIFE Sponsored by Pearly Grey Ocean Club After a 5 hour flight from Gatwick, I felt the wind on my face on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It was very windy – the reason we were told is that...

TRAVEL South East Asia

Wikipedia Page Our three week tour of South East Asia began with an overnight stop in Singapore on the way to Bali. Singapore is a very Westernised city and a great place to spend a day cruising around the harbour and rivers.


Website: We flew into Naples on a hot September day to be greeted by blue skies and ever looming Mount Vesuvius nearby. We caught a bus down to the port and hopped on a fast ferry to the beautiful Isle of Capri where we were picked up and driven...


I touched down in Barcelona at roughly 10pm."Balls!" I thought to myself. By the time I get to the hotel, check in and unpack, the city will be fast asleep and I'll have to wait for the morning sunshine to break the darkness before unleashing myself on the capital city...

TRAVEL America

    Of late I have spent much of my time travelling, and setting up a little business which offers the best in tailor-made travel. Read on to hear more about my various expeditions to America... cost effective trips that won't break the bank.

Cairo to Cape Town on a bicycle

Wikipedia Pageen.'AfriqueWebsite Let me tell you about the most amazing and crazy thing I've done in my whole life: A bicycle tour through Africa called Tour d' Afrique. Yes, I cycled though Africa on a bicycle starting in January and ending in May 2008. Four months, another 59...


Wikipedia Page Egypt is filled to the brim with wonders - ancient and modern. Everywhere you turn, the eye is dazzled and your heart captured. No matter how often you visit, there is always something new to see and discover. I can drive down the same street...


Crossing the international date line is a very interesting experience, arriving in Los Angeles from Fiji, roughly 6 hours before leaving it! After processing that I had gone back in time and was on the other side of the world, I caught the connecting flight up to San Francisco.

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