BRIONY DE KLERK in Wimbledon

As my plane flew in over London I thought nothing else but “OMW! Turn this puppy around!” Coming from a relatively small town where everything and everyone has a common denominator and noting the comparatively immense expanse of ‘The Big Smoke’, I all of a sudden felt very small and...

CINDY SMITH in New Zealand

I was born and raised in Durban. And besides travelling a bit around SA, Durban was basically all I knew. It was very sad to see it decline over the last few years from a clean colourful city, to a kind of drab place where locals wouldn’t even go to...


I moved to Bermuda with my husband six years ago. We were hesitant to live on an island that’s only 22 square miles, but we’ve fallen in love with the way of life here. Everyone is so friendly, polite and laidback, especially in the summer when thousands of cruise ship...


The next step in the Asian space race Getting back into space has been a common desire for many countries. While America, Japan, China and Russia are well accustomed to this idea and its implementation, several new countries are surprisingly keen to have a go.

118 118 SOUTH AFRICAN Version

Everyone who lives in the UK knows how useful the six numbers 118 118 can be. You can phone in to get a number for any establishment, whether it be a nightclub, pub, shop or business. You can also ask 118 118 any question you desire, and within a few...


Road rage statistics in South Africa are a scary thing. In a survey, up to 70% of all South African motorists reported having suffered abuse from other drivers, in the form of aggressive behaviour, verbal insults and 11% of drivers having to deal with aggressors actually getting out of their...

MARY-SUE HERRON in South Korea

This trip has been one of my most eventful. I have had experiences that will definitely stay in my memory banks. I have learnt a lot about myself and other people. Korea has shown me that life is way too short to worry about the small things in life. Korea...

Herman Allison in the Gold Coast

Let me introduce ourfamily. Izelle, myself (Herman), Ilene and Kaylee immigrated to Australia during June 2007. Our home is located in the forest (Bonogin Valley) on the Gold Coast. We are roughly 10 minutes from Robina town centre. That means we live in the country but just a hop, skip...

NADIA VINCENT in Grand Cayman

Bikini's 365 days a year! Cayman is a very small island where expats (and locals alike) work hard and play hard too. There are amazing restaurants and cocktails bars that I religiously attend and sport is a big social part of life here too.


It's a typical Monday morning. I've been listening to the car radio on the way to work: that old medium that, despite its aging technology and poor sound quality, remains a staple part of the lives of millions of people across the world. I arrive at my desk and feel...


The Soul Superstar reveals all about his solo success and the future of Khalil. Bantu Soul; Metro FM award winner, songwriter and a chart- topping solo success there's not much the recently turned 29 year old hasn't done in music. Known of course from Khalil, Bantu Soul decided to bring...


Waking up to the sound of temple worship music, I open the front garage door (that hasn’t been locked since I’ve moved in), get on my scooter (hello helmet-hair) and drive through the crazy streets of Taiwan, where the traffic lights are only for decoration.


It’s been a long walk since I was born and bred in Namibia, then moved to Cape Town and at the mature age of 42, moved to Italy. My idea was “a year overseas – hopefully Germany or Switzerland, but I got Italy and yes, after 10 years,

PAP AND JIVE Party in Dubai

Pap and Jive in Dubai Elize Stoltz and Zelda van Rooyen were the organisers of the Pap and Jive held at the Barracuda Beach Resort. Over 500 fellow South Africans from all over the UAE turned up for the weekend’s festivities. 

More than just a game book review

More Than Just A Game: Football VS Apartheid is a book detailing the lives of political prisoners who were involved in playing soccer on Robben Island. They played completely by the book, followed FIFA guidelines and even gained an honourary induction into FIFA, awarded by Sepp Blatter personally in 2007....


The best thing about Norway is the nature! Norway is the fairytale land I grew up seeing in kiddies books. I thought such places did not really exist. The awesome mountains, cute little wooden houses (capped with snow in winter) and breathtaking views create a wonderland ripe for exploring any...

JOHN STUPART back from Japan

Back in South Africa after living and working in Japan. Japan Redux: Part I I am now 3 months into my South Africa decompression after returning from the supreme inaka that is Northern Hokkaido, and what do I have to say?


I arrived here in 1994 as an 11 year old and have now spent the majority of my life in this country.  With all my family and some friends still in SA I have returned twice and always look forward to going back for holidays.

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